Summer Two Piece

Holy 90+ degree weather in Chicago!

It has been HOT out here, and I am doing my best to stay cool. Whenever these temperatures hit Chicago, I always resort to my two pieces! No, I’m not talking about bathing suits…I’m talking about two piece dresses! A huge thing for me when picking two piece outfits is making sure it doesn’t hug my hips or stomach. I always make sure my two pieces are flowy, and comfortable.

The piece I’m wearing in the photos does just that! It’s so airy and perfect for these scorching hot temps. It’s also super flattering, and even a little sexy! One thing to keep in mind- it has a natural “wrinkly” look, so don’t worry too much when you try to iron it, and all the wrinkles don’t come out. 😉

The real best part of this whole ensemble is that it’s under $25!!! Shop the look below.



<3 Sabrina

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