5 Ways I Chillax

Hey Loves-

I can’t believe it’s already August. Time continues to fly by, and some weeks my to-do lists are pages long! Even at my most stressed, I really like to take time just for myself to decompress, and reflect on the week ahead. There are many thing I do to relax, but my top 5 go to’s (in no particular order) are listed below!

  1. Creating content- don’t get me wrong, blogging isn’t easy! But there’s something about immersing myself into this creative outlet that takes away my anxiety. There really is nothing more fun than coming up with new photo shoot ideas for companies I work with! Finding a good creative outlet has been key in my life, and it’s my go-to on a down day.
  2. At home spa day- Not only is skincare good for you, but there’s something about putting on a face mask after a long week that makes everything feel okay (lol). But really, my Sunday night ritual is definitely a face mask, and a nice hot shower!
  3. Exercise- I’m no fitness guru but I do my best to get a workout in 6 days a week. Breaking a sweat while listening to some of my favorite music is the best feeling ever. It may be hard to get my butt to the gym, but the rewarding feeling afterwards makes it all worth it.
  4. Reading- I recently got back into reading. I eased my way in with a few fun romance novels, and I realized reading is very relaxing. It’s also a great way to put my phone/laptop away so I don’t scroll through Instagram for hours on end!
  5. Having a glass of wine- now I am not here to promote drinking alcohol to avoid lifes problems. I simply just enjoy a glass of wine at night while I cook dinner and plan for the next day. One of my favorite, more affordable wines being 14 Hands Winery. I was so excited that they said yes when I asked to feature them for this blog post! Their wine is so tasty, and I bring it to every dinner party I go to! You can find their wines at any local grocery store- I highly reccomend their Hot to Trot Red Blend 🙂

I hope everyone finds a way to relax, recharge, and reflect after reading this post!

<3 Sab

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