Cozy Thanksgiving Outfit

The holidays are my FAVORITE time of year! It’s the time where annual traditions come alive, and the city starts to buzz with shopping sprees and holiday lights!

I’m most looking forward to my annual trip to California where I spend time with family eating good food and drinking tons of wine! This year, I decided to go with a comfortable Thanksgiving look- a simple skirt, top, and fun cardigan. This cardigan comes in one size but it fits perfectly! I usually like my cardigans a bit loose and get either a M/L in size. I was pleased to find that this one fits how I like it! You can take 15% off yours with code Q4stylesbysab15 🙂

PS- I NEED to talk about these over the knee boots. I own and have ordered WAY too many OTK boots over the years with hopes that they WON’T SLIP down my leg. It’s so frustrating when I tie them as tight as possible and after 3 minutes of walking, they are already sagging down my knee…Well, I finally found the magic pair of OTK boots!! These are from Nordstrom, and the brand is Chinese Laundry. I LOVE THEM. They are comfy, the heel size is perfect, and they DON’T SAG.

Shop the look below, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!


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