My Trip to Greece!

I am so excited to finally share my trip to Greece with you all! I will be sharing beautiful pictures of each island I visited, along with some recommendations that I have if you decide to travel to Greece!! To start, I’ve been to Europe before, but Greece was always on my bucket list. Not only is every corner picturesque, but the country is also filled with a lot of amazing history. I recently graduated with my Master’s degree, and as a grad present, my mom and I decided to take a girls trip! We hustled our way through the cobble stone streets, and took Ferry rides to each island.

Our first stop…
We arrived in Athens severely jet lagged. BUT that didn’t stop us from grabbing some cocktails, shooting some pictures, and booking an all-day tour for the following day! We saw all of the ancient ruins that Greece has to offer, toured the Acropolis Museum, and even took a tour of the suburbs of Athens (which was EXTREMELY gorgeous). Take a look at our adventures for the day below!
Athens ViewsAthens SkylineAthens Food
ParthenonAthens, GreeceTemple AthensGreece, AthensAthens EatsSea AthensAegan SeaViews Athens GreeceAthensIcecream AthensAthens ShoppingStreet Athens copystreet Athens
By far, my favorite island of the whole trip! We arrived in Mykonos greeted by beautiful white buildings, and an abundance of gorgeous flower trees. This island was for sure the most relaxing of the trip. We sat pool side and enjoyed some sun, shopped the streets of Mykonos (which was amazing-see pics), and went to a gorgeous sunset dinner at night.
Mykonos 1Mykonos 3Mykonos 4Mykonos 5Mykonos 6Mykonos 7Mykonos 8Mykonos 9Mykonos 10Mykonos 11Mykonos 12Mykonos 13Mykonos 14Mykonos 15Mykonos 16
Ok, so, Santorini is should be called Touristini (lol, bad joke). But seriously, the beautiful island was SWARMING with people at every corner taking photos, and pushing each other to see the sunset. We specifically stayed in the village of Oia, and, I get it, Oia is one of the most popular, beautiful villages in the world, but SHEESH was it overwhelming. I am SO glad my mom and I decided to get an Air BNB for the night in Oia. We got to have our own little home for the night, and enjoyed the beauty all day/night.
Santorini 5Santorini 8Santorini 4
Oia Greece.jpg
Santorini 2Santorini 9
Santorini 7Santorini 3
Overall, the trip was amazing, and too quick! Some recommendations I have for travelling to Greece:
GOOD SHOES: Make SURE you have good walking shoes on this trip. (I know its every bloggers nightmare to wear a pair of gym shoes when you’re out here trying to get good pics) but throw a pair of cute shoes in your bag, and take care of your feet! Those cobble stone streets don’t play!
FERRY RIDES: Before going on the trip, I was told Ferry rides are notoriously late, and people didn’t recommend them. But they were all WRONG! Ferry rides were extremely convenient. They arrive to the ports on time, and leave in under 6 minutes once everyone is on board. Also, they are half the price of taking a flight between islands.
BOOKING AGENCY: When planning a trip abroad, it can be so time consuming to choose flights, hotels, ferry rides, and hotel transfers, so I used Travel Zoo (not sponsored). It was extremely helpful, and they map our your entire trip for you, also ensuring that you are staying at 4 star hotels.
I want to end this post by giving my mom a special shout out for being the best travel partner! Love you, mom!
Athens Greece.jpg
I hope you all enjoyed my post! Let me know your thoughts.
<3 Sabrina

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