Snip snip snip…

Happy Sunday!

This fun number I’m wearing was actually once a romper. That’s right! I bought it, cut it, and turned it into a top! A couple weeks ago, I went on an online shopping binge at Akira. Typically, I like to try on rompers in person because they can either be a hit or a miss. However, when I saw this romper (on final sale which means no returns- oops!) I just had to have it. It looked comfy, and I thought “I could totally pull that off, it’ll look great!” Well…when I actually received it, I was in love with the pure white color and the soft fabric. Butttttttt….it didn’t look so great on me. At that point, I couldn’t return it so I figured, why not turn it into a blouse! A few snips with my scissors later, I had a chic, classy, lace-up top.

I tucked this top into my high-waisted H&M shorts, buckled up my strappy heels, threw on my fedora and just like that, I had a new weekend outfit!

If you are curious to see what the original romper looked like, shop the look here. It’s only $20!

I hope everyone had a great weekend 🙂

<3 Sab

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