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I spent this past weekend soaking up the sun (and humidity) in Miami, FL! I wasn’t there for any regular vacation, I was there for Swim Week!!

It was an honor to be invited to Swim Week this year. I got the opportunity to interview the designers of KAOHS, and I was able to attend the Sports Illustrated show where they debuted their first ever swimwear line!! Here’s a recap of my trip:

The Shows


The inspiration behind this line was very much a skate, boho, and surf vibe! It was a fun line, and the ladies looked amazing! Check out the line, and my interview with the designers below!

The Interview

I had the chance to meet Tess Hamilton and Ali Hoffmann, and discuss the inspiration behind the runway.

Sabrina: What was the inspiration behind the runway tonight?

Kaohs: We really wanted to bring back the Avril Lavigne era from our childhood. We took those vibes, and brought it to the runway.

Sabrina: What is your favorite piece from the collection?

Kaohs: At first you think you have a favorite piece, and then you see the models wearing them, and you immediately change your favorite. It’s too hard to decide, we love them all!

Sabrina: How would you describe your brand?

Kaohs: Skate, Boho, Surf- You have your skater girl who is more edgy, your boho girl who is more carefree, and then your surf girl who is all about functional swimsuits.

Sabrina: Finally, what was your biggest challenge putting together this collection?

Kaohs: We really had to make sure all accessories were not forgotten. It’s up to us to make sure all the looks were put together properly, and the models were a huge help with this! They all brought their A-game, and made sure each jacket, choker, and chain was not forgotten.



This was definitely my favorite show. Gottex has been around since 1956, and they represent quality, fashionable and glamorous swimwear & beachwear.


Sports Illustrated:

We all know what Sports Illustrated is all about! They have over 3 million subscribers and are read by 23 million people each week! To put the cherry on top, they came out with their very own swim line! I was obsessed. They represented all shapes and sizes, and really had the crowd going wild!


Shop My Swim Week Looks

I got a lot of questions about my dresses from Swim Week, especially the two piece that I paired with all cobalt blue accessories (it’s only $18!!). Click the pictures for direct links to purchase the items. <3


That wraps up my trip to Miami!

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