The Garment Creative

Hi Loves-

This past weekend, I got the opportunity to check out the Garment Creative in Chicago. The Garment Creative gives everyday people the opportunity to be their very own fashion designer. You essentially get to create your own outfit, and have it manufactured right here in Chicago. Talk about fast fashion!!

Here’s how it worked- We came in to a very nice work station set up where we each got our own iPads to work with. Along side us was fabric to test, and snacks to eat! We started with a brief overview of the industry, and how the company came about. We then went into a tutorial on how to use the iPad software provided, then it was off to the races! We got to pick from a selection of shirts, dresses, and shawls provided on the iPad, and even got to try on these items in the store to decide which fit us the best, and which we wanted to design to our liking. We then got to choose colors, and fabrics on the iPad, and design our selected garment! Once we were finished, we signed our names to our designs, and now we eagerly await for it to be shipped to our home!

The Garment Creative was an experience I will never forget, and I highly recommend it to other fashionistas! They host Design and Wine events perfect for a birthday party, or bachelorette event!

Check out all the fun, and see which garment I chose to design below! Can’t wait to get it!

<3 Sabrina

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