VALENTINES DAY- What To Wear Guide

Happy Superbowl Sunday!!

Now that the holidays are over, sadly, there aren’t any breaks to look forward to for a while…but for me, it’s always fun celebrating the small things like Superbowl Sunday (who else is excited to indulge in a bunch of food today?!), and Valentines day!!

A lot of us equate Valentines day to having a bae to celebrate with… I say screw all of that! I love bringing in sweets to the office, getting chocolates from my mom, and dressing for the occasion (bae or no bae). Seriously, when I was a kid, I LIVED for the day when I could bring Valentines Day cards in for the whole class (lolol).

Get in the spirit with me, and check out some fun vday inspo outfits under $50 below!! <3


<3 Sabrina

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