Hey loves-

I know that it’s been almost two month since the wedding (gosh, time flies)- but I am FINALLY getting wedding photos back. Our photographer took over 2000 images!!!!!

All of these photos take me back to such sweet, amazing memories. Night two of our wedding was by far my favorite FAVORITE day. It was our Sangeet Night, aka- the real kick off to an amazing wedding weekend.

Sangeet Night consisted of our families doing a traditional ceremony where they said prayers for us, did dances for us, and sang for us. All of that followed by dinner, and more dancing. I was truly blown away by all of the love in the room. Our families came together so effortlessly, and danced the night away. Nobody wanted to go back to their rooms!

I’ll never forget how blessed and happy I felt on this day. Pictures will never do the night justice….but they do a pretty damn good job 🙂


<3 Sabrina

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